MEJO 121: Advertisement

Waist Beads from vendor in Ghana

In MEJO 121, digital storytelling, my teacher asked me to create a compelling, well-structured story advertisement. For my assignment, I decided to create an advertisement for a business I have been developing, Empower Waist Beads.

This advertisement highlights the story of an Empower Waist Beads customer, Ange. In the advertisement, Ange shares her love of dance, emphasizing that dance gives her the ability to empower women of color. Empower waist beads, the brand featured in the video, strives to empower women of color by creating opportunities for women of color. At the end of the video, a close-up shot of Ange’s waist is taken to highlight the product Empower Waist Beads sells, waist beads. The advertisement is successful because of the upbeat Afrobeat music and engaging personality of Ange that helps viewers connect with the brand, Empower Waist Beads, and its mission to empower women of color.

Image of Caitlyn Kumi modeling waist beads

Ohemma (Queen)-Gold Waist Beads
Fits sizes 00-18 (USA)
Fits up to 50 inches (127cm) 
Model is wearing 3 waist beads
Made in Ghana

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